Available Units

Unit sizes
Our facility offers a variety of unit sizes to help store your precious items.  Our rates are very competitive. 

We want to earn your business.

5 x 10 UNIT

Our 5 x 10 unit is 50 square feet.  This size is great for a single bedroom and can hold a variety of items.

10 x 10 UNIT

Our 10 x 10 unit is 100 square feet.  This unit is really popular for people with 2 bedrooms worth of belongings to store, and possibly the contents of a living room depending on the size of the furnishings. 

10 x 15

Our 10 x 15 unit is 150 square feet.  This is our most popular unit, because it can hold two to three bedrooms and has additional room for other items as well.

10 x 20

The 10 x 20 unit is 200 square feet.  These units are the most versatile because you can pack a variety of belongings into a space of this size.  A large furnished home can be stored in this unit type, as well as cars, trucks, and more.

Our pricing is tiered to meet your specific needs. 

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(office) for a quote.